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German car specialist


We meet the needs of our customers by offering a range of value-added services in harmony with the changing of the highest technological standards of the automotive industry , while conforming ourselves to a secure environmental management.



We are experts in repair and maintenance for cars and light trucks. Our mechanical center is equipped with cutting edge technology to provide you with professional services and guaranteed.



We offer an impressive selection of tires of several makes, models and sizes for most passenger cars, sports and 4x4 .

Take advantage of our discounts on tires and our advice to purchase tires matching your needs.



We also do mechanical repairs American , Asian mechanics, German and Japanese mechanics. We repair all components of your car or light truck such as engine, steering , suspension , brakes, exhaust system and more



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An effective team

Get quality services with SG specialist VW.

Mechanical Auto Repair A must on the North Shore for the quality of service and expertise in maintenance and repairs. We will respond to emergencies QUICKLY of your car. Our personal receive ongoing training to use the latest methods and technologies that can accurately detect defective parts or requiring focus.

Mechanics of German cars

215 Avenue Laval, Laval-des-rapides, Qc, H7N 3V8
Tel:(450) 669-1516

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